Best Oregon Waterfalls

Oregon Cascades, especially the west slope has enough moisture to produce amazing waterfalls.  The average rainfall for this region is 80 to 100 inches per year.  Silver Falls State Park is by far the most famous but not the only waterfall on the tributary of the Willamette River.  Silver Falls State Park is located southeast of Silverton and it is Oregon’s largest state park with 10 waterfalls with 4 that you can walk behind.  The four you can walk behind is 136 ft North Falls, 106 ft Middle North Falls, 93 ft Lower South Falls and 177 ft South Falls.  The trail of Ten Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the state of Oregon.  There is an 8.6 mile looping trail that winds through the parks waterfall area.

Pup Creek Falls joins the Clackamas River close to a cluster of campgrounds upstream from Estacada.  Pup Creeks drops 200 feet in 3 sections and is known for its basalt walls stained yellow by lichen.  The best way to get to Pup Creek is by way of Clackamas River Trail which you can follow upstream for approximately 3.6 miles to a spur trail.  The spur trail will take you a short distance to Pup Creek.

Butte Creek Falls can be found in the Santiam State Forest in the Cascade foothills east of Scott Mills.  This creek marks the Marion Clackamas county line during much of its run to join the Pudding River close to Woodburn.  This waterfall is set in a deep canyon and measures approximately 80 feet tall with smaller waterfalls above and below.  There is a view point at the end of the trail over the canyon that has some steep cliffs dropping quite a ways down to the water.

Shellburg Falls is located near Mehama in the Santiam State Forest.  The Shellburg Falls is approximately 100 feet with a trail that goes behind it.  For a map and location of this falls, go to

McDowell Creek, located in Linn County has four waterfalls, including Royal Terrace Falls at 120 feet and Majestic Falls at 40 feet.  McDowell Creek Falls County Park is 13 miles east of Lebanon.  For more information, go to

Lower Soda Falls is 180 feet tall.  It looks like it should be in a slot canyon located in the Southwest.  Lower Soda Falls is three tiers located in the Cascadia State Park that is inside a campground on the north side of US 20, which is 13 miles east of Sweet Home.  You could probably find more info at the website in the last paragraph.

Sahalie and Koosah Falls is located on the upper McKenzie River.  Sahalie Falls is 140 feet and Koosah is 120 feet.  They are located along Oregon highway 126 in the Willamette National Forest.  They each have their own parking lot, even though the falls are close enough to walk the 1/2 mile between them.  Sahalie Falls is six miles north of Belknap Hot Springs Resort and Koosah is just downstream.

One of my personal favorites is Salt Creek Falls.  It is located on Highway 58 five miles west of Willamette Pass.  You can see this waterfall as you are driving on Highway 58 and it is magnificent.  It is one of the tallest named waterfalls in Oregon outside of the Columbia River Gorge.  It is over 285 feet tall on the other side of the tunnel on 58.  There is a parking lot accessible by trucks and motorhomes with a short hike to the falls.

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